Grief can be consuming. A funeral service, although often difficult during a vulnerable time, is an important part of the grieving process. Reflecting the strengths and milestones of a person’s life is a natural and beautiful way of marking a person’s time on this earth.

It’s an absolute honour for me to be a celebrant to help mark the end of a loved one’s life. In this role I’m committed to working in a respectful, sensitive and empathetic manner to help bring together a ceremony that is personal, heartfelt and a fitting celebration of life.

You’ve personal choices around who you would like your celebrant to be. It’s only right that you should feel comfortable with the celebrant who’s selected with such an important role. Choosing a celebrant is ideal if wanting someone to stay neutral and action any requests regarding eulogies on behalf of the family, minimising pressure if family or individuals don’t wish to talk on behalf of the deceased. My role is to work closely with the funeral home, funeral director and directly with the family.

Being blessed with a strong Samoan/Kiwi heritage I understand the importance of ceremony in a multicultural situation being mindful and respectful of protocols, rites and cultural needs. I also provide ceremonies to those that are non-religious and don’t wish to be involved in “end of life” and alternatively those associated with an organised religion.

Sometimes a terminally ill loved one can get peace of mind by selecting their own celebrant and planning aspects of their own funeral service. Difficult as it may be, it can feel right that this burden is lifted from the shoulders of those they are leaving behind. This is incredibly powerful, making for not only a truly authentic funeral but giving the person peace to focus on family, friends and the moment. I’m available in these situations and work with compassion and understanding to reflect these last wishes with integrity and dignity.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact me if you would like to know more.

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